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DVB-T2 Software


DVB-T2 is the next generation in digital terrestrial HD transmission. Building on the foundations of the successful DVB-T system, the current standard for transmitting DTT broadcasts (known as Freeview in the UK), DVB T2 introduces the latest modulation and coding techniques to optimise the efficiency with which the terrestrial spectrum is used to deliver video, audio and data services.


DVB T2 has been introduced to deliver Freeview HD in the UK. A new video compression standard: MPEG-4 AVC has also been introduced to create sharper and more detailed high definition pictures. These new techniques give DVB-T2 software a huge 50% increase in efficiency over any other DTT system in the world.


The UK adopted DVB T2 in 2010. Other countries are now gradually adopting the T2 software as the next generation digital terrestrial transmissions, including Italy, France, Sweden, South Africa, Russia and Finland. Please  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for new, up to date countries that are adopting DVB-T2 software.


Ocean Blue’s DVB-T2 Offering

Ocean Blue Software has built upon its mature and robust Sunrise DVB-T software stack to develop its turnkey Freeview HD software solution, consisting of Voyager MHEG-5 HD and Sunrise DVB-T2. The solution is fully compliant with latest DTG D Book: version 6.2, the Freeview HD logo Digital Tick requirements and the DVB-T2 standard.


Reliable & Quality Software

Ocean Blue’s mature, reliable and robust MHEG-5 HD engine has been fully compliance tested to the DTG D Book version 6.2, which introduces the use of JPEG bitmaps, AAC audio (streams and clips) and improved resolution and colour depth that will all enhance the audio / visual experience. Additional changes to graphics have been made to ensure that any up scaling of SD MHEG‑5 applications to HD generates a high quality image on HD graphics planes.The DVB T2 solution has been successfully ported on both the ST 7105 and Renesas EMMA-3 devices. It has also been certified against Freeview HD testing.


Global Overview: DVB-T2

Ocean Blue’s Sunrise DVB-T2 HD software stack was one of the first solutions developed for the UK market. The Sunrise DVB-T2 has also been trialled in South Africa.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it about our T2 software stack.





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