Voyager MHEG-5 Engine

Voyager is Ocean Blue's DVB-based MHEG-5 middleware system, which enables interactive services (Press Red functionality) on digital TV devices for every transmission network (DVB-T /S /C.) The red button functionality allows you to use various interactive MHEG applications broadcast with DVB digital TV services.

Ocean Blue's MHEG-5 middleware is fully compliant with all MHEG standards as set in the UK 1.06 and Dbook 6.2.1, Dbook 7 specifications. Voyager can be provided as a standalone software product with a well-defined API for integration into a third party DVB stack or customers can opt for a turnkey solution from Ocean Blue, using Sunrise, our proven DVB software.

MHEG-5 facilitates the delivery of interactive features such as news and weather services, home shopping, electronic programming guides (EPGs) and interactive advertising and games. The Voyager MHEG has been deployed in over 10 million units worldwide. 

MHEG system overview

Figure 1: Voyager MHEG system overview

MHEG HD (High-Definition)

The support for HD seeks to ensure that the best possible experience is offered to viewers. There are two parts to the MHEG-5 HD extension; one extension supports hardware that is HD display capable (graphics) and the other supports hardware that is both graphics and stream (H.264) capable. 

MHEG HD Country Profiles 

The ETSI MHEG standard (ES 202 184) is now the main standard from which all country profiles are generated. Each country/operator will then define their own profile to ensure that devices deployed into their market support the features used by their MHEG applications. Country profiles currently supported by Ocean Blue are: 

Freeview - UK 
Freeview - Australia
Freeview - New Zealand 
TVB - Hong Kong 
Saorview - Ireland 
South Africa   


MHEG Interaction Channel 

The Interaction channel (Return Path) extensions to the MHEG standard enables broadcast interactive services to be delivered via an IP connection. This will allow delivery of additional content and two-way interactivity, providing consumers with greater forms of viewing, entertainment and richer interactive applications such as T-commerce, voting and shopping. 

Figure 2: Connected Tv services enabled by Ocean Blue's Voyager MHEG-5 HD